Boutique hotels in Barcelona, parties in Prague, room service in Rome and amazing value in Amsterdam! Culturally, Europe has everything to offer: the Grand Canal of Venice, the Louvre in Paris or the Parthenon in Athens, not to mention some of the finest hotels in the world. There is nowhere else in the world with the same density of monuments, museums, theaters, cultural institutions and value for money. Whether you are traveling in Europe for business or pleasure, for a short or long break, has the right hotel guaranteed at great prices!

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South America has more to offer than just sun and siestas. Discover traces of the Inca, breathtaking nature and cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. On the Caribbean and Polynesian islands your luxury tropical retreat awaits; in the deserts of North Africa enjoy five star service and Arabian nights in your Kasbah hideaway. On business in Dubai? Use our corporate discount to achieve even further savings on your booking. Want to see Ayers Rock or the Great Barrier Reef? Rough it in the Outback then enjoy the modern comforts of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Whether you have a passion for backpacking or the big city life in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai – your hotel in Asia awaits. With over 210,000 hotels worldwide check for great hotels and prices and book with

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Booking Hotel IN hotels are selected throughout Europe, Asia and the World for their added services and amenities, authenticity, attention to detail plus that extra something special which makes your stay unique and truly memorable.

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